Flexible, strong & sustainable

since 1907

Tradition and flexibility from Hjulsbro

Hjulsbro Steel has a solid experience of manufacturing prestressing strands. We have been in business since 1907 and are the leading supplier in the Nordic region. We combine technical expertise with an environmental focus in all our processes. GreenStrand is made of recycled steel and green electricity and contributes to reducing the climate impact.

We have produced the for a long time, and many of the world’s architectural masterpieces contain PC strands from Hjulsbro. We offer both a product and an organisation that is specialised, strong and flexible.

Strong advantages for our customers

Our PC strands are standardised and represent quality at the HIGHEST LEVEL. Our customers gain advantages because we have specialised in good service, quick deliveries and flexibility in our production. These advantages mean that our customers are able to act more flexibly and have no need to hold their own large stocks of PC strands and have less stock management and less risk of production stoppages.

Current news

New solar power plant is operational

18 April, 2024

Hjulsbro Steel, a leading manufacturer of PC strands, has recently completed the final stage in the installation of a new...

Large investments in solar energy

17 August, 2023

We are pleased to announce that we recently made a significant environmentally-friendly investment at our new production facility. In the...