Flexible and strong

since 1907

Tradition and flexibility from Hjulsbro

For more than 100 years we have had production here in Hjulsbro. Over time our focus has broadened and then narrowed again. For a period we manufactured virtually everything you can buy in a hardware store. Now we focus on the production of PC strand.

We have produced the for a long time, and many of the world’s architectural masterpieces contain PC strands from Hjulsbro. We offer both a product and an organisation that is specialised, strong and flexible.

Strong advantages for our customers

Our PC strands are standardised and represent quality at the HIGHEST LEVEL. Our customers gain advantages because we have specialised in good service, quick deliveries and flexibility in our production. These advantages mean that our customers are able to act more flexibly and have no need to hold their own large stocks of PC strands and have less stock management and less risk of production stoppages.

Current news

Increased focus on quality and environment

19 September, 2019

Today Hjulsbro Steel AB welcomes Joachim Törnfeldt as a business developer - quality and environment. He most recently comes from...

New CEO of Hjulsbro Steel AB

19 September, 2019

As of today, Ivan Kaic will take over the role of CEO of the company. Until now, he has been...