Quality and social responsibilty

A company in constant development, for our customers and for the environment

Times change, and we change along with them. But our strands always have the same and even quality. It is important to us that our business has a minimal environmental impact and that we work constantly on improvements in that area. It is also important that we take social responsibility.

Icon "High transparency in our environmental work"
High transparency in our environmental work
Icon "ISO-certified"
ISO certified

It is obvious to us to engage systematically in the development of our work on quality, environment and social responsibility. Our quality management system was certified as long ago as 1994, and five years later our environmental management system was also certified.

Through good raw materials from reliable suppliers, controlled manufacturing processes and competent staff with professional pride we ensure that the quality of our products matches the needs and expectations of our customers.

The extensive control and testing performed throughout this chain is the safety net that means that customers and users can always rely on strands from Hjulsbro.

As is the case with all industry, our operations also require energy. As part of our efforts to minimise all aspects of our environmental impact, we now use district heating and 100% renewable energy from hydropower to drive our processes.

Certificate ISO 9001

Certificate ISO 14001