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All forklifts now run 100% renewable fuel

As part of Hjulsbro Steels AB’s long-term environmental work the company has now replaced all fossil fuels with renewables. This means that carbon dioxide emissions from our forklifts can be reduced by 90%.

HVO100 is a climate-smart fossil-free alternative to the traditional diesel we have used before and in this way we save the environment 43 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

HVO is also less toxic than fossil diesel and is not classified as dangerous for aquatic organisms. This also means that the work environment is improved.

Hjulsbro previously only uses hydropower for electricity in our processes and was the first in the industry to certify itself with EPD.

Hjulsbro Steel is already together with 18 other companies in Linköping involved in the CO2-neutral Linköping 2025 initiative.

Below you see refueling of the new fuel.