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Climate issue focus at Hjulsbro Steel

Our customers and the entire industry are increasingly focusing on climate issues. Therefore, it is obvious for us to have an active environmental improvement work so we can be competitive. For many customers, for example, emission values ​​for delivered products are a crucial issue when choosing a supplier and it is then very important for us to be able to show that we also add value at that level compared to competitors.

In the future, we see it as likely that in the eyes of customers it will not be a competitive advantage but an absolute requirement that the products, we offer are sustainable from all perspectives. Not least in terms of climate impact.

In addition to these basically purely commercial driving reasons, we see an intrinsic value in being an actor that is involved in taking responsibility for our surroundings. We do not only have that expectation of ourselves as a company, but believe that we share it with our current and future employees as well as with other stakeholders in society. We believe it crucial for all business in the future.

Since our processing is energy-intensive, it is important both to reduce energy use and to control which sources we use for the energy that is needed.

For full article:   https://www.linkoping.se/klimatsmart-linkoping/Klimatsmarta-satsningar-i-linkoping/hjulsbro-steel/?pblockid=65415